Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the benefits of high humidity

A few months ago I acquired some Neofinetia falcata seedlings from Cal-Orchid.  I re-potted them and put them out with the other plants.  Winter arrived, watering frequency dropped dramatically and the Neos looked like they were suffering - the leaves were not as hard as they should have been and even showed mild wrinkling - not enough water.  I moved them into my compot growing chamber.  This tank has moderate temps and high humidity.  Within days the leaves plumped up and new root growth started - all the Neos look much happier.  While it is true that both temperature and humidity were increased when I moved these seedlings, I lean towards the humidity as the factor that allowed more moisture to get to the roots and stimulated new root growth.

Another reason to get a greenhouse!

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