Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pacific Orchid Exposition purchases

A month between posts!  Things are just very busy these days.  However, I made a trip to the POE yesterday.  Fabulous show.  I will post lots of pictures in a different post.  Here are the four plants I bought.

Brassavola cordata alba from H & R Nurseries

C. purpurata semi-alba (Deschamps x Cindarosa) from Olompali Orchids

Encyclia Orchid Jungle, remake of the famous primary hybrid by Sunset Valley  Orchids
Angraecum didieri (in spike) from Cal-Orchid
Here is how I rationalized (to myself) these four purchases.  I previously had an A. didieri from Cal-Orchid that died and I decided to try again.  It is a small plant that I will grow indoors as a house plant. This time I will mount it when new root growth initiates.  E. Orchid Jungle is a primary hybrid between E. phoenicia and E. alata.  It looks to be very vigorous and Fred Clarke has remade it using very select parents.  Should be gorgeous and fragrant when it grows up.  C. purpurata is such a great species and I have trouble resisting excellent seedlings.  This one, from two exceptional parents, has lots of potential.  It probably won't flower for three or so years (two if I am lucky).  I have been thinking of getting a B. cordata for a while so I took the opportunity.  This happens to the alba form.  I would have preferred typical color, as they are usually more vigorous.  I will mount this when new roots initiate.

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