Sunday, December 30, 2012

Epidendrum veroscriptum update

On Dec 2 I posted the buds just starting to emerge. The shot below shows the progress. This should be fun to watch.

On the varmint front, I lost another new lead last night, this one on a Cattleya purpurata. I am now 100% certain I have a mouse problem. Last night I put out two traps with baits; this morning the baits were gone - but no mouse. I then looked at the traps and immediately knew I had set them incorrectly. I re-set them properly. I am feeling confident that I will be rodent free by tomorrow morning.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Plant damage

One of my Aussie Dendrobium seedlings had the newest growth chomped and I lost two growing leads from a Cattleya lueddemanniana. If these losses don't immediately stimulate new leads to break then these plants will be set back by many, many months. I have also lost several growing root tips on a number of plants. I don't know if these losses are from snails/slugs or mice - I have seen evidence for both and will try to eliminate these critters ASAP. These newest losses took place after I had already applied Sluggo, but since the stuff doesn't act instantaneously that alone does not rule out snails/slugs as the culprit.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

C. gaskelliana

This seedling from Tropical Orchid Farm started pushing out some new roots.  It was hard to evaluate the roots and state of the bark to determine whether to leave it for another year or re-pot. After taking the plant out of the pot it was apparent root health was excellent and the bark was still nice and hard with little decomposition (pic below). But at that point it was going to be difficult to get it back into its pot so I just decided to repot into an Aircone 4" pot with medium orchiata and a bit of styrofoam peanuts in the bottom - my new standard potting strategy for most plants. I hope to have all the small and moderate sized plants currently in baskets into pots by the end the next growing season, with baskets being reserved for large plants. In our hot, dry summers I think this will facilitate keeping more plants well-hydrated.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cattleya dowiana

Cattleya dowiana var. aurea I will not be trying this species - too tough to grow well in my conditions.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Laelia anceps in tree

Laelia anceps in tree by cbbxj69675
Laelia anceps in tree, a photo by cbbxj69675 on Flickr.

Those fortunate growers in Southern California can use orchids in landscaping.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Exposição de Laelia purpurata 2012

Laelia purpurata flâmea - cultivo Eduardo Masiero - melhor planta da exposição CGO dezembro 2012Laelia purpurata semialba - Luiz Filipe VarellaLaelia purpurata tipo - cultivo Heitor Menna Barreto FilhoLaelia purpurata vinho - cultivo Julio PillaLaelia purpurata delicata - cultivo Miguel LeiteLaelia purpurata atro - cultivo Mauro Hirt
Laelia purpurata carnea - cultivo Julio PillaLaelia purpurata sanguinea - cultivo Taimiro Santos SilvaLaelia purpurata argolão - cultivo Orquidário OlimpiaLaelia tenebrosa - cultivo Orquidário LinharesLaelia purpurata coerulea - cultivo Orquidário LinharesLaelia purpurata coerulea - cultivo Orquidário Linhares
Laelia purpurata rubra - cultivo José Luiz BernardesLaelia purpurata roxo-bispo - cultivo Heitor Menna Barreto FilhoPhalaenopsis - cultivo Orquidário AvaniSlc. Golden Aclaim Richella - melhor cattleya híbrida mini - cultivo Miguel LeiteCattleya Cruzeiro do Sul - melhor cattleya híbrida multiflora - cultivo  Orquidário OlimpiaCattleya leopoldii alba - cultivo Orquidário Linhares
Lc. Robert Strait - melhor Cattleya híbrida standard - cultivo Clari SchildtLaelia purpurata venosa - cultivo Heitor Menna Barreto FilhoLaelia purpurata alba - cultivo Heitor Menna Barreto FilhoCattleya rex - cultivo Orquidário OlimpiaPaphiopedilum deperle  -  cultivo Miguel LeiteLaelia purpurata trilabelo - cultivo Julio Pilla

It is purpurata season in the Southern Hemisphere. Here is a set of photos from a recent show in Brazil.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flickr orchid pics

I have been collecting up some Flickr photostreams from orchid growers.  There are tons are great pics from great growers I can share when I have nothing to post from my own efforts. Here is Laelia praestans alba.

Laelia praestans 'Orchid Eros' HCC-AOS 3

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cattleya labiata rubra

These have just opened - they'll probably improve a bit over the next couple of days.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Rock Lily Man

When I first started growing orchids I bought and killed a wonderful Dendrobium falcorostrum I acquired from Andy's Orchids during my very first trip to the Pacific Orchid Exposition in 2005. This started a brief fixation with Australian Dendrobiums. I  soon thereafter bought on ebay (and eventually killed) three or four Dendrobium kingianum, a Dendrobium speciosum and a couple of primary hybrids. For all these plants the decline was long, slow and quite obvious. It was then that my dalliance with the Australian Dendrobiums came to an end. This was the realization that pushed me more strongly towards Cattleyas. In principle the Aussie Dens are terrific plants for my neck of the woods. They can deal with high and low temps, have fragrant flowers and bloom off old canes. What's not to like? But I killed them all - every single one. Now with several years of experience and improved growing conditions I am gingerly wading in to try Aussie Dens again.

Fred Clarke the owner of Sunset Valley Orchids is one of my enablers. I buy plants from him even when I know I shouldn't be acquiring new things. When I stopped by his booth at the 2012 POE one of his employees was raving about the Aussie Dens. I bought one Encyclia Orchid Jungle and walked away, proud of my willpower, and forgot all about it. Fred recently put some Cattleya divisions for sale up on his site and I decided to buy one. I wandered over to the Aussie Dens part of the site and I found myself tempted. After negotiating with myself for a while I decided to buy a few Dendrobiums from Fred, including a couple of Dendrobium speciosum seedlings.

This species is known as the Rock Lily down under. While doing research on these plants (there are several good resources out there, all Australian) I came across a wonderful website from Gerry Walsh - all about D. speciosum. You will enjoy perusing it.

Now if only I could find D. falcorostrum for sale...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Laelia anceps spikes

This plant has four spikes this year.  Overall it looks to be my best anceps year so far. In addition to this plant, one plant has one spike, another has 2 and a third has seven. Plus my L. gouldiana has a spike as well.

Epidendrum veroscriptum buds

Well, this is looking very promising. The other new growth also has buds.