Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cattleya compots (community pots)

Well, a while back I mentioned my low success rate with flasks and the fact that despite that, I bought another flask - C. labiata.  The flask came about two months ago, and things are going much better this time.

In previous attempts I potted seedlings into compots and put them in my regular grow area.  They received a bit of extra attention, but no special conditions.  This time I did a few things differently.

First, I bought a small T5 grow light and retrieved an old fish tank from the garage - this was the grow chamber.  Second, I potted the seedlings in seedling bark or seedling bark + sphagnum instead of straight sphagnum (my earlier attempts).  Finally, and now I believe, very importantly, I dramatically boosted humidity by placing the compots in large bags.  These were not sealed, but even so, the humidity in each bag was pretty high.  The seedlings have been doing very well with hardly any mortality.

By the way, it makes no economic sense for me to do this, and if the seedlings continue to thrive, I'll have real space problems...but it is fun.

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