Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two plants followed me home from the orchid show

I showed remarkable restraint at the orchid show, enforced by a complete lack of space to grow and time to care.  But two things came home with me.

Lycaste aromatica is a terrific species.  A deciduous, warm growing species with flowers that smell like cinnamon.  I bought this plant from Cal-Orchid - a very healthy 3-bulb division.  I killed one of these before and am determined to do better this time.

Aspasia lunata is an Oncidium relative.  I bought this from SLO Orchids.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orchid show

Some pics from yesterday's show.  First, Best Cymbidium.  This plant had massive spikes and waxy flowers - did not get the variety.  Second, Chysis bractescens. Third, a nice C. intermedia orlata.  Fourth, a spectacular specimen of Dendrobium amabile from White Oak Orchids.  Fifth, a specimen of Dendrobium hancockii.  Sixth and seventh, pictures of Jim Rose right before his seminar on Laelia anceps and its hybrids.  Jim is a super nice guy, orchid grower, and owner of Cal-Orchids.  Eight, a specimen of Leptotes bicolor. Ninth, a nice Lycaste - didn't get the species.  Finally, a warhorse of Spring orchid shows, the Dendrobium hybrid, Roy Tokunaga.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cattleya Schilleriana

Work + not-much-going-on plant wise = few posts. 

But, here is a nice primary hybrid between coerulea forms of Cattleya purpurata and C. intermedia.  Lovely fragrance.