Friday, July 27, 2012

New mount

A number of years ago I bought a C. Brabantiae (loddigesii x aclandiae) from Sunset Valley Orchids and put it in a basket.  This seemed appropriate given the aclandiae heritage - that species hates wet roots.  It has languished for years, up, down, no stable display of vigor.  One possibility is that it is simply a weak clone (it was made with coerulea parents...).  Alternatively, perhaps it doesn't like my growing conditions - I really can't change the fact that winter growing temps are lower than they should be.  Finally, it could be that it didn't "like" being in a basket (I had CHC with a bit of sphagnum mixed in).  Well, one thing I've learned about growing these plants is that if they languish for a year or more, you have nothing to lose by trying a change.  In my experience, plants doing poorly almost never take off if conditions are not changed.  So, I am trying a mount.  Here it is.  I damaged the first root tip while fastening it, but others are following.  We'll see what happens.  If a plant is doing poorly for over a year, try something new.  Obviously this does not apply to newly established plants with no roots - they usually need a year just to get back on their feet.

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