Sunday, July 15, 2012

New C. purpurata

One of the plants I just acquired from Cal-Orchid is a Cattleya purpurata - probably a striata given the parents.  This plant was originally from Aranda Orchids in Brazil according to the tag.  I noticed last week that some of the old roots had new growing root tips emerging, even though there was no new root growth from the developing pseudobulb.  So, this told me the new growth was going to start putting out roots soon and that if I wanted to get the plant re-potted and allow for the new tips from old roots to develop without damaging them during the re-potting, I was going to have to re-pot right away.  When I took the plant out I saw that all the older roots (from the older pseudobulbs) had rotted.  I trimmed off those dead roots and then re-potted in a clear plastic pot with some rocks in the bottom for ballast, #5A orchiata bark, and a topping of a thin layer of sphagnum.  Finished off with a sprinkle of slow release orchid food on top.
See the new root tips on the old roots?

There is lots of air in the pot because I had trouble getting the orchiata down there.

Finished product.

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