Sunday, December 4, 2011

C. labiata semi-alba buds

Last year I had a Cal-Orchid seedling bloom for the first time.  I was impressed - four, big, nice flowers.  This year it was growing from two leads, both of which had a sheath.  However, one sheath has no obvious buds and the other has only two.  I am wondering if it is because it used so much energy making the two growths this year.  In any case, I expect good things from this plant in the future.  This a bit late blooming - many of my plants seem to be.  If this is true, I wonder if hot summers and cold winters just slow things down relative to bloom times under better conditions.

The plant to the left is different C. labiata semi-alba seedling also from Cal-Orchid that I expect will bloom for the first time in about a year.  The eagle-eyed among you might see what is the tip of an L. anceps spike in the lower left area of the photo. 

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