Saturday, December 3, 2011

C. labiata amesiana x self

I got this plant from Miranda Orchids a few years ago.  Last year the single bud blasted and the year before I had one measly flower.  This year again, just one bud. 

This plant is not thriving.  I've learned that rather than being stubborn, the best thing to do if a plant is not doing well is to change and hope for better performance.  I went through a period when I potted lots of seedlings in 4" wood baskets and in retrospect that appears to have been a mistake.  It is hot and dry here in summer, which I suspect is a problem with small baskets.  If I were growing in a greenhouse in moderate, humid conditions it probably would have been fine.  This year this plant and several other will be moved to pots with orchiata bark and then we'll see what happens.  It could also be the case this is just a weak plant and that it could only thrive in optimal conditions.  We shall see.

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