Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recent acquisitions

'Tis the season!  Got a few bareroot plants from Floralia last week:
C. gaskelliana tipo
C. trianae Rolf Altenburg x Premier
C. trianae amesiana Floralia x alba
C. chocoensis alba
C. lueddemanniana (color overlap x irina) x tipo
C. percivaliana alba x aurora
C. Veriflora
Lc. C.G. Roebling

The last two are primary hybrids, labiata x trianae and purpurata x gaskelliana.

With the exception of the chocoensis, they are all large and very healthy plants.

Here they are sitting out on the bench.  I'll spray them everyday until I have a chance (this weekend?) to pot the ones with active roots.  The others will remain in this state until root growth initiates.

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