Sunday, September 5, 2010

C. maxima buds

Well, the first of the maximas will soon bloom.  Here are some buds on the lowland form.  If all of these buds mature (too early to count them) we should have a nice show.


  1. How is your new automated watering system working out? Does it save you time? Do you move plants in and out to water certain ones on different days?

  2. John, I'm very happy with how it is working. You identified the one limitation. Some plants receive more light than others and dry out faster, so if all were watered on the automated system, some would be too wet or too dry. I just supplement a few of the drier plants with a hose, which only takes me a few minutes. So, the automated watering with slow release fertilizer in the baskets has dramatically cut back the time I spend caring for plants and they're doing better than last year.