Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cattleya maxima sheaths

Not a lot of blooming going on - but lots of good growth.  I have several Cattleya maxima - one of my favorite species.  Here are four plants that will bloom this Fall.  The first is a famous mericlone 'Hercules'.  The other are all seedlings.  There are two major types of this species, the lowland form and a higher elevation upland form, which tends to be shorter than the lowland form.  'Hercules' is clearly upland - the pseudobulbs are less than a foot long.  The last pic is of a lowland form - the p-bulbs are between 2-3 feet long.  I got this plant with zero roots about 1.5 yrs ago, and it just now really taking off.  The middle two look somewhere in between upland and lowland (leaning towards upland) in terms of habit.  As is always the case, Chadwick's article on the species is worth reading.

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