Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A C. lueddemanniana needing attention

This is a big lueddemanniana semi-alba I acquired from Fred Clarke in the Winter for a reasonable price. It is big and unwieldy with the most recent growths at the edge of the pot or hanging over the edge. I thought there was a good chance it was in this pot for a long time and had marginal roots, though you can tell it is a strong plant. 

A few leads had broken

One lead had growing root tips

New root growth initiating on one of the long roots outside the pot

Side view showing a growth breaking two leads. Also long living roots.

View from top

After soaking for a while got it out of the pot. Most of the roots inside the pot were dead. The live roots inside the pot were tangled up in dead roots and packed very tightly. After wrestling with it for a while I decided the only sensible thing to do was cut it up into pieces and clean it up.
Here is the result. I have five divisions. Three have nice leads and good roots. One has no active lead as I broke it off during the process. However, this division has a live eye which hopefully will activate shortly. The fifth division was the internal one and has some good roots but no active lead. I am letting these divisions dry for a day or two before getting them potted.

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