Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And we are in the greenhouse

I was late to get my plants into the greenhouse...by one day.  I returned from Kauai late on Sunday night and by early Monday morning it was raining. The plants got wet but they were pretty dehydrated and the temps were above 50 so it is probably OK.  On Monday AM I moved everything inside.  At least I was smart enough to have the greenhouse erected and ready to go before I left for Kauai.  I am now considering my supplemental lighting situation and am considering investing in something a bit better and easier to use (and safer) than my dangling CFLs.


  1. I doubt there was any damage. A week in the rain would be another story.

    Having a greenhouse will be a different growing experience.

  2. Unfortunately it is only my flimsy uninsulated temporary greenhouse. One day...