Thursday, August 23, 2012

Encyclia phoenicea

I bought a seedling last year (two years ago?) from Fred Clarke.  The new growth grew completely sideways (parallel to the top of the pot) - perpendicular to the older smaller growths.  So, something needed to be done.  When I took it out of the small plastic pot it came in I saw that at the center was a sphagnum plug.  This is often how large-scale operations grow seedlings.  From compot to plug tray to pot.  I teased off all the sphagnum and after looking at the situation and seeing that this species likes a very dry rest I decided to mount it on a piece of wood.  Here you can see that recent larger growth parallel to the mount. There is a new growth just starting.  Hopefully the plant will attach to the mount.  If not, it will have a tough time surviving.

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