Saturday, October 16, 2010

Winter plans

John asked what my plans were for winter.  Last winter (and the one before) I had a temporary greenhouse on the patio.  It worked, but as you might expect, there were problems.  There were leaks and it was crowded.  In fact, I lost a specimen Blc Copper Queen because it got soaked and it was cool and all the roots rotted.  Pathogens spread because the plants were too close together and I couldn't easily examine them.  I had to build benches that specifically fit into the greenhouse.

This year I'm trying a King Canopy 10 x 10 x 8 temporary greenhouse.  It is much bigger than last year's space, my benches will fit it, and I should be able to rig up plenty of space for hanging baskets.  The greenhouse will go against one of the south walls of the house and I will have to figure out how to anchor it to the ground - probably with some greenhouse anchors I'll buy from Farmtek.

If all goes well I will put up the greenhouse in two weeks or so and get the plants in the week after.  I probably won't have to start heating it until Thanksgiving.

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